Operation Takedown
The Introduction | Project Lawson | Extermination

Download Latest Version (Re-Release Version – 7/20/13)
This Website as .RAR (169mb)
Halomaps as .ZIP (191.5mb)

With the release of Takedown: Project Lawson, I wanted to give people a reason to play The Introduction one last time before playing Project Lawson. With new voice acting, updated tagset, encounters and more, this re-release version is what you would expect in a full map release!

Relive your moments as Gray through Ice fields with updated cinematics, tagset, and gameplay. Catch up on the Takedown lore by replaying The Introduction that started it all.

MatthewDratt – Project Lawson
Mangenkyo – Jackals Multipurpose
Spartan094 – Some tagwork
Bourrin33 – Hunter, Elites, Some placeholder tags
darksolider – Shader work
L283023 – Grunts
CMT – Brutes, Jackal model
Zteam – Halo 3 Weapons, Warthog
Jesse – HUD

Gray – E.J. Luning
Commander Harper – Hoosieraussie

Archived Downloads
You can download “Takedown: The Introduction (2012 Version) – 7/28/12” at the following places:
Halomaps as .ZIP (108mb)
Dropbox as .ZIP (104mb)