Operation Takedown
The Introduction | Project Lawson | Extermination

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Takedown: Extermination is the last map in the Takedown series. Patriarchus has the weapon’s location and now you must get to it before he does. Discover the secrets about Lawson’s organization and the forerunner weapon throughout a variety of locations such as a jungle, a beach, a snow plateau, and many more.

Takedown: Extermination features a variety of gameplay features from small scaled encounters, to medium sized battles alongside members of Lawson’s organization, to huge open vehicle battles against the covenant.

With this being the final Takedown map, I (MatthewDratt) wanted to make the scale bigger than anything before. No rally point is the same. Unlike Project Lawson, Extermination is begin built on custom geometry, allowing for different and unique encounters that could have never have been pulled off in Project Lawson.
Halomaps Thread.

“Better than Lumoris” – Altis94

MattDratt – Project Lead

Austin Douglas Ford – Greyson Nova
– Chess Players
Bryan Newman – Lawson
Christina Morrell – Karen
Chaos – Mechanic
David Moore – Karner
Dumb AI – New Recruit
Hiralis – Lieutenant
Hoosieraussie – Harper
(SBB)Storm – The Door Guard
Temptii – Kadar
Ethan Schmidt – Lucas
Gabrielle Ann Henry – Jane
Robert Ducat – Hartnall
Jonathan Shilts – Bravo Squad Leader
Matthew Stefely – Betting Trooper
– Against Betting Trooper
Rob Vokes – Rally Point Delta Trooper
UF ShadowTeddy – Hanger Trooper
Luke Park – Hanger Trooper
Higuy – Background Troop
Lodex – Background Troop