Halo: Custom Edition is a tool released by Gearbox Software for the Halo PC game. It gives the users a stand-alone version of the game engine used to create the game. Users can create their own singleplayer and multiplayer levels.

My Projects

Operation Takedown (2012, 2013, 2017)

One of my most popular Halo: CE series with over 20,000 downloads. Operation Takedown is my own three part single-player series. Discover the secrets of the rogue solider Lawson and find out what he is up too. Play as Karner with your partner Kadar as you infiltrate his base.
Takedown: The Introduction (2012)
Takedown: Project Lawson (2013)
Takedown: Extermination (2016)

Halo CE3 (2010-2016)

Halo CE3
Halo CE3 is a show put on every year to show-off the latest and greatest for the Halo: Custom Edition community. It has gained over 27,000 views on just the main show and over 359,000 views across Youtube. I organize, host, edit, direct, and film (ingame) this production that streams live every summer (started in 2010, ending in 2016). Visit HaloCE3.com for more.

Test Map (2009)

Test Map
A test single player level based off Danger Canyon. Originally called “Takedown” but the original title has since been removed. This was my first single-player map ever and doesn’t stand up to my later maps. At the time I didn’t know how to do many things so this was my first dive into the Halo: Custom Edition engine. See more.

Tutorials I’ve Made

Setting up a single-player map and scripts

Getting AI to Follow the Player

Basic Aether Setup

Dropship Tutorial

Projects I’ve Contributed To

Singleplayer Version 3 (2016) by CMT

CMT’s Singleplayer Version 3 is an upgraded version of the Halo 1 campaign with new shaders, models, textures, and gameplay. I contributed by helping with BSP on The Pillar of Autumn and I helped to compile sounds.

Universal UI Update (2014) by MoooseGuy and CMT

The Universal UI is a startup menu for Halo CE. Originally created by MoooseGuy and CMT, I helped CMT to edit the menus for the first update when MoooseGuy was temporarily unavailable.

Halo 3 Foundry for CE (2013) by Jesse and Dsalimander

Created by Jesse and Dsalimander, Halo 3 Foundry is a port and recreation of Foundry from Halo 3 for Halo CE. I helped by compiling sounds, as well as adjusting animations to work better with wider field of views. I also created a trailer for the project (viewed above).

Project Lumoria (2012) by TM Mapping Team

I am listed as the Cinematic Director for Project Lumoria. Joined after Episode 1, my work shows on the re-release and final version of Episode 1 as well as Episode 2. I helped originally to adjust how the script and camera points were set up for the cinematic in episode 1. You can view a side-by-side comparison below. I also then created the cinematics for episode 2 using animations by JackalStomper and by myself. I also created the marketing trailers for Episode 2 (viewed above).