Back when I was a kid I was using Windows Movie Maker to edit AMVs. Eventually I switched to Sony Vegas as I got older. Using my editing skills, I was able to help create Halo CE3 Live back in 2010. Halo CE3 Live is an hour to two hour show each summer that showcases the works and projects of many others working with the game Halo: Custom Edition. In 2015, I moved over to Adobe Premiere Pro for the most of my projects. In the meantime, I also edit many other various things. I am experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, and Audacity.

Halo CE3 Live (2010-2016)

Programs Used: Sony Vegas (2010-2016), After Effects (2015-2016), Audacity

Halo CE3 Live gathers a ton of people each summer to show off what they have been working on for the game Halo: Custom Edition. These includes 3d models, animations, levels, machinimas and so much more. The show is sectioned off into a few categories: Multiplayer, Demos, Machinima, Apps, and Singleplayer. Most projects come with some sort of clip (such as a trailer) that needs to be put into the show. On occasion, there are also interviews that need to be cut together (first the audio: from a full length 20+ minute interview, into a 2-5 minute slot, then the video). It has gained over 27,000 views on just the main show and over 359,000 views across the entire Youtube channel. See more at

Halomaps Update (2013-2016)

Programs Used: Sony Vegas (2013-2016), After Effects (2015-2016), Audacity

Halomaps Update (HMU) shows off the most recently released projects for the game Halo: Custom Edition. Clips need to be recorded and then edited down to a 10-20 second segment. Then intro and outros are added, in addition to lower thirds. Audio commentary and music is then put underneath.

Lets Plays

Programs Used: Sony Vegas

Let’s Plays consist of multiple screens all happening at once that need to be edited in sync.


Programs Used: Sony Vegas

Trailers need to be edited to the music to keep everything in sync. In addition, sometimes the music needs to be cut down shorter (as most songs are too long) and other audio, like dialog, needs to be cut down and put in.

Other Projects

Programs Used: Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, After Effects

I have also done a wide variety of other editing projects that are gaming related (more trailers and let’s play), animated (narrative style animations), and live action (narrative style shorts, talent show).