Takedown: Extermination – Talk Options

Takedown: Extermination is coming together nicely. Part 1 will for sure be released in 2016. I am working on Rally Point Alpha for Part 1 and got some nifty features for interacting with the extras. See a brand new screenshot showing this interaction.

Takedown: Extermination Talk Options

Takedown’s Main Menu Update

Some really cool developments for that startup menu when you first boot up Takedown. The new menu will allow you to pick a map, then pick a rally point for that map. For example, you can be in the Takedown: Extermination menu, pick Project Lawson then Rally Point Bravo in Project Lawson. The game will then load Project Lawson and go right to that Rally Point (with your saved Subtitle preference).

Some slight errors when loading a map where you already have a checkpoint saved. Simply restarting the map will boot you to your picked Rally Point.

Map Selection
Extermination Rally Point Selection
Project Lawson Rally Point Selection

The Beaches of Takedown

Takedown: Extermination is still in the works and there’s still plenty to do. As usual, I am always looking for BSP help.

This update I will be talking a bit about Rally Point Foxtrot- the rally point I hope to show off at CE3 2015. To start off, I’m sure many of you have seen the run down swamp of Takedown: Extermination from last years CE3. Well, that’s not gone. Each rally point in Takedown: Extermination will have it’s own unique style to it. This not only allows me to keep mixing it up, but it also allows me to strive and hit different moods and gameplay styles. In Rally Point Foxtrot, you’ll be spending most of your time in a vehicle, a quite different contrast to Rally Point Bravo. I’ll leave story details out of it, but you will need to fight to a certain location on this island.

Unfortunately for civilians, this island in inhabited. See the ruins of the island, right on the outskirts of the city. This rally point so far has proven to be the most difficult, as a lot of the items I need have not yet existed in Halo: Custom Edition, so I’m having to find models or create objects myself that fits a civilian island. I hope to be able to show off gameplay at CE3 2015, so stay tuned!

See below the first screenshot of “Rally Point Foxtrot: Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform.”

Rally Point Foxtrot: Type-47 Ultra Heavy Assault Platform

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New Cinematics – New Abilities

Takedown: Extermination - RP Charlie

Thanks to M16s CE3 Animations files (if theyre not released- he should totally release them), I’ve learned a ton about animations and cutscenes. I’ll be doing a lot of cutscenes entirely in 3ds max thanks to him. A lot of cool stuff I never have been able to do before such as get in a close up shot in a pelican while it’s moving. Really cool stuff happening this time around with the cinematics.

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