Back in 2008, I learned about Halo: Custom Edition and the ability for users to create their own levels and designs. This spike my interest and I was immediately trying to learn a variety of 3d programs. The top 3d programs I am experienced in include 3ds Max and Autocad. I am also skilled in the Halo Editing Kit game engine.

Halo Custom Edition (2009-2017)

Due to the amount of programs I have created for Halo: CE, they are all displayed on their own pages. Click here to see them!

AutoCad Rat Invasion (2015)

For a project in my Intro AutoCad class at Eastern Michigan University, we were suppose to create a small building or cabin. I decided to change up my presentation a little bit than just a normal tour of our cabin. I modeled the structure in AutoCad and rendered the video in 3ds Max.