New Cinematics – New Abilities

Takedown: Extermination - RP Charlie

Thanks to M16s CE3 Animations files (if theyre not released- he should totally release them), I’ve learned a ton about animations and cutscenes. I’ll be doing a lot of cutscenes entirely in 3ds max thanks to him. A lot of cool stuff I never have been able to do before such as get in a close up shot in a pelican while it’s moving. Really cool stuff happening this time around with the cinematics.

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Common Questions

Whats up?
How can I contact you?
Email me at
When will X be released?
When it’s out. I don’t give release dates because I don’t want to miss them.
I’m working on X project and want you to do X role for this map. Can you do it?
I typically only work with my friends or employers. If you think you have a project down my alley, contact me at
Will you help me out with this one thing?
It depends but I normally will tend to stray away from help if its not for my interest. Getting the same question and answers every few days get tedious. Be sure to Google your problem first (Google “Halomaps: Problem Description”) and see what you get. If from there you can’t get help, start a thread on halomaps. If you still don’t get your problem resolved and you think it’s something down my alley (I don’t know everything about Halo CE), then you can try to message me over Xfire.
Can I have X tag?
If it’s something simple, I may hand it over. If it’s multiple tags (say a biped but you also want the shaders too), you should wait until I release it in a map. All my maps I release are unprotected. If it’s an OS shader you are looking for from a released map of mine, message me over Xfire.
When will the next HMU be out?
When we get enough maps to fill a show.

Question not answered? Contact me.

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I have changed the site a bit to allow me to blog on it. Woohoo?

A lot of stuff might be broken but I’m working on it.

You can view the old site by clicking here. But be warned, it will now go out-dated.